Name :   christien
Where From? :   nederland
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Comment :   
Name :   joan
Where From? :   Long Island, NY
E-Mail :
Comment :   Wish I could be a better person
Name :   Victor F.
Where From? :   Colorado USA
E-Mail :
Comment :   I know Im a sinner and I love God with all my existence. God please have mercy on all of us that we know we keep falling into sin over and over again. I need you to please give me strength and intelligence so I dont fall into sin again. Amen.
Name :   Juan Zamudio S
Where From? :   México, D.F.
E-Mail :   jzamudio@siap´
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Name :   Addie Hardy
Where From? :   Falmouth, MA
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Comment :   My soul felt calmed and healed reading the beautiful passages with the beautiful soothing music in the background. I do not want to be condemned. I want to be at Gods side, loved and protected by Him.
Name :   don
Where From? :   pei
E-Mail :
Comment :   i have to get right with my savior
Name :   Dan
Where From? :   New York
E-Mail :
Comment :   Were only here on earth for a very short time. Heaven is our real eternal home. Read your BIBLE. Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth. You have it! It adds up.
Name :   Isabel
Where From? :   Madeira - Portugal
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Comment :   God does NOT punish! We do to ourselves according to the way we act, think and speak!
Name :   Fred Voltmer
Where From? :   Green Bay WI
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Comment :   I gave my heart to the only one that can save me
Name :   Jim Kell
Where From? :   Northport, Alabama
E-Mail :
Comment :   I am so thankful that Jesus paid the supreme price to cover my sins. I do believe in him and look forward to joining him in heaven.
Name :   Marty
Where From? :   Las Vegas
E-Mail :
Comment :   Good stuff. The only comment Id have is that its a bit long to hold ones attention. So glad to trust Jesus as Savior!
Name :   roger
Where From? :   zeeland, mi
E-Mail :
Comment :   this is an incredible site
Name :   Ann
Where From? :   Victoria
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Comment :   
Name :   Kelly Cossette
Where From? :   Munising, Mi.
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Comment :   
Name :   Carlos
Where From? :   Tx
E-Mail :   
Comment :   Thanks for sharing and the reminder
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